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Master extreme strength, skill, and cooperation. Build the strength to fly as a handbalancer or support your partner handbalancing overhead.

  • Levels 1 through 5 of Our Progressions we use for our Athletes, Performers, and Average Joes and Janes.
  • 24 Weeks of Training (the blueprint we use for our athletes and performers at Pacific Rim Athletics)
  • No gym, or fancy equipment, required (only a friend)!
  • Increase flexibility, mobility, and strength

Perfect for training at home, or if you're a trainer or coach, integrating into your gym or coaching practice with levels, progressions, and mastery guides.

    Learn and achieve the 3 Strength Moves of Partner Acro for Total and Complete Bodyweight Mastery:

    1. Overhead Handstand
    2. Partner Planches
    3. 1 Arm Handstand On Head
    4. Over 30 different beginner to advanced moves that can be done with all ages and levels

    What's included:

    • Introductions to each level with explanations on how to integrate the progressions into your personal Transformation of Strength & Skill
    • Demonstrations of the moves by multiple people to see it done by different body types and levels of ability
    • Anatomy & Biomechanics
    • Joint Mobility
    • Flexibility (splits and all)

      This program is designed for those who want to train with a partner and become a great base or a great flyer.

      Instructors:  Teaching and demonstrations by Lee Weiland, Kaylin Saur, and Aryeh Lax, plus demonstrations by a number of students.

      Graduation:  Submit a video of you demonstrating each Level 10 Strength Move and receive your Black Belt in Partner Acro.


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