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Prerequisite:  Front and Back Flips, 1/4 Twisting, 1/2 Twisting (if you don't have that yet, get Parkour Samurai Beginner)

Learn the exact levels and progressions for how our students at Pacific Rim Athletics regularly progress from front rolls and cartwheels to double back flips and beyond.  Here, you’ll have the blueprint for safely training all of these acrobatic skills.

  • Levels 1 through 5 of Our Progressions we use for our Athletes, Performers, and Average Joes and Janes.
  • 24 Weeks of Training (the blueprint we use for our athletes and performers at Pacific Rim Athletics)
  • No gym, or fancy equipment, needed (mats and spotter required)
  • Increase flexibility, mobility, and strength

Perfect for training at home, or if you're a trainer or coach, integrating into your gym or coaching practice with levels, progressions, and mastery guides.

    Learn and achieve the 5 Elements of Tumbling & Parkour for Total and Complete Bodyweight Mastery

    1. Floor
    2. Wall
    3. Drops
    4. Vaults
    5. Ledge

    Each Element includes skills involving:  Front Flipping, Back Flipping, Twisting, Gainering, and Inward Front Flipping.

    What's included:

    • Introductions to each level with explanations on how to integrate the progressions into your personal Transformation of Strength & Skill
    • Demonstrations of the moves
    • Anatomy & Biomechanics
    • Joint Mobility
    • Flexibility (splits and all)

      This program is perfect for anyone who wants to learn a systematic, sequential structure of progression in aerial acrobatics.  Whether you’re a coach or a student, given a safe training environment, equipment, and spotters, this will give you the path for achieving every flip in the book.

      Instructors:  Teaching and demonstrations by Lee Weiland, plus demonstrations by a number of gymnasts and parkour students.

      Graduation:  Submit a video of you demonstrating each Level 10 Airmove and receive your Black Belt as a Parkour Samurai.


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